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Displace x Reverse x
Displace y Reverse y
Displace z Reverse z
Displace t Reverse t
Rotation 1 Boost x
Rotation 2 Boost y
Rotation 3 Boost z

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Inertial Grid Family

Inertial grids form a family. Once you have one inertial grid, you can transform it into another inertial grid, with these kinds of changes (transformations):

Any other kind of change, such as accelerations or spins, will result in a grid which is no longer inertial.

The time is indicated by the cycling colors:

As a mnemonic, they cycle in alphabetical order by name; when the sensor clock is reversed, the colors cycle in reverse order. This doesn't represent time itself running backwards; it's just the inertial grids clocks that are running backwards.